Participating in 
Literacies and
Computer Science

PiLa-CS is a Research Practice Partnership between New York City schools and researchers at NYU and CUNY to support bilingual kids participating in the CS for All initiative in NYC.

PiLa-CS lets kids build on their strengths

Our project is exploring how bilingual schools can leverage what kids bring to the classroom through three approaches: Translanguaging, Literate Programming, and Computational Thinking.


Translanguaging is how people draw on their full linguistic repertoires to make meaning. Translanguaging pedagogy means helping learners leverage diverse language backgrounds in the classroom.

Literate Programming

Literate programming is a philosophy that computer scientists aren't just writing programs to be read by computers, but by other people. Programming isn't just a science, it's a literacy.

Computational Thinking

Learning to program isn't just a vocational skill for professional coders; thinking algorithmically and understanding procedures and abstraction is useful in many subject areas.

Our Partners

  • New York City Dept. of Ed. 
    Principals and teachers from middle and junior high schools from NYC Dept. of Education District 6
  • New York
    Technology researchers from NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development
  • CUNY Graduate Center
    Applied linguistics researchers from the City University of New York Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society
  • CUNY Brooklyn College
    Literacy researchers from the Brooklyn College Department of Childhood, Bilingual and Special education